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Seaside Shutters - Solid Brass Exterior Shutter Hardware

Seaside Shutters Solid Brass Exterior Shutter Hardware created by Coastal Bronze offers shutter installers, painters and fabricators a better product than the typical iron and steel shutter hardware which can rust and will eventually fall apart. Seaside Shutter Hardware is made from 100% Brass (60% copper/40% zinc) and because of this will never rust and will last much longer than any steel or iron products.

Seaside Shutters catalog of Shutter Bolts, Shutter Dogs, Shutter Hinges, Shutter Hooks, Shutter Pintles and Shutter Rings feature traditional hand casted and hand finished designs. No rust means perfect for coastal areas!

Not only will Seaside Shutter products not rust, they carry a Limited Lifetime Warranty. All shutter hardware comes with Stainless Steel coated scews and lags; offering the strength of Steel screws without the worry for replacement and rusting.

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